Open CSV File

Information, tips and instructions


CSV.GZ is a CSV file compressed with gzip utility. Below are quick steps on how to decompress CSV.GZ file and convert it to CSV file.

CSV.GZ to CSV on Windows OS

  • Download WinZip utility from
  • Install WinZip on your computer.
  • Once WinZip is installed double-click on your CSV.GZ file to open it in WinZip.
  • Alternatively, you can start WinZip from start menu, then click on File->Open in WinZip main menu, select CSV.GZ file you want to open and click "Open" button.
  • Click on "Extract To" button in WinZip main menu and choose the location where you want to place extracted CSV file.

CSV.GZ to CSV on Mac OS

  • On most recent versions of Mac OS you just need to double click on CSV.GZ file.
  • Mac OS archive utility will automatically decompress it

CSV.GZ to CSV on Mac OS with Terminal

  • Open Terminal app from Launcher
  • Navigate to the folder with your CSV.GZ file using cd command
  • Type gunzip [your_file.csv.gz]
  • The CSV.GZ file will be decompressed, and you will see CSV file in the same folder using ls command

For more information about gzip and gunzip utilityies read gzip manual.